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Our Values

Our School Values…

Courage - we are brave and always face our fears head on.
Forgiveness - we are quick to forgive and respect one another’s new beginnings.
Justice - we believe in treating people fairly—and in being treated fairly ourselves.
Kindness - we go out of our way to be nice to others
Perseverance - we try our best and never give up.
Service - we help one another and our community whenever we can.
Truthfulness - We are always honest and tell the truth, even if we have made a mistake.
Trust - we respect one another and are trustworthy ourselves.

Promoting children’s well-being is not only important in order for children to have a good childhood, but also as a solid foundation for their future well-being as adults

The Children’s Society

Our approach...

At All Saints’ Church of England  Junior School we have a duty to prepare our children for life in modern Britain. Schools can and do have a positive effect on the behaviour and social skills of  children as well as their academic achievement. Our school believes that behaviour can change and all staff in school work closely together to promote high standards of achievement in both the children’s work and behaviour, recognising how and where  improvements can be made, by  using praise and positive language at every opportunity.

How it works...

Our approach is based on the Christian values of justice and  forgiveness. Each class throughout All Saints’ Church of England Junior School displays the symbols explained here. All staff work together using a consistent approach, ensuring continuity across the whole school. The steps are followed clearly and fairly, allowing children to understand what is  expected of them.

Children play an active role in our positive approach to behaviour management and move their own names to each of the symbols within their classrooms, being offered guidance and support in making the best possible choices.

Our Rewards...

Here at All Saints’ Church of England Junior School , in addition to the Silver and Gold Class Behaviour awards, we celebrate
success and positive behaviour as often as possible and in a variety of ways including:

House Points

Awarded in class, around school and on the playground for any positive behaviour or work. 
Contributes to overall House totals. Promotes not only individual self-esteem, but also encourages teamwork.

Star of The Week

Two Members of each class nominated  each week by Class Teacher or other adult. Success shared with whole school during Celebration Collective Worship on Fridays.  Awarded a star with their name on it, which is added to Star of the Week display in school hall.

Values Awards
All members of our school community, pupils and adults alike, can nominate one another for one of our School Values Awards. Nominations slips posted in Values Nomination box in hall. Successful nominees receive a certificate & their name added to our in school Values Display and right here on our website
- choose a value from the menu on the right to see our celebrated Values Award winners. 
Individuals achieving all 7 values receive a specially minted medal at the end of the school year.  

Class Flags

Awarded for excellent lining up and moving be tween  playground and class. Class/es with most flags at Celebration Collective Worship earn extra playtime on Friday afternoon.

Additional Rewards and Celebrations

Across school, each class will have their own additional in class reward systems for celebrating pupils’ good work and positive behaviour. For example: notes or texts may be sent home and pupils may be sent to show their good work to a member of Senior Management or other classes.


All Saints' CE Junior School
Hurds Hollow

Schoool Business Manager: Mr P Clark
School Business Officer: Mrs J. Leech


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